Online Cab Attachment

Download CabBazar Partner app

Drivers / Taxi service providers can partner with CabBazar to attach your car with company and get business from CabBazar. It is as simple as just register yourself on CabBazar Partner app, get verified and start work.

FAQs for Drivers / Vendors

I want to attach my car to company. How to join?

Please register yourself on CabBazar Partner android app. If you are individual driver, you can enter your name in Agency and Owner name in app. Download CabBazar Partner app from google playstore by clicking on below.

What are the steps for outstation taxi attachment after registering in CabBazar Partner app?

After registering, you need to do following in the CabBazar Partner app:

  • Upload Aadhaar card
  • Add Driver(s) and upload their documents
  • Add Car(s) and upload their documents
  • Add Work Location(s) for which you want to attach your taxi
  • Add money to your wallet

After uploading above information, please wait for your account verification and approval.

How much time it takes for approval of my taxi car attachment?

It takes up to 2 working days for approval after you upload the documents.

Can i view cab bookings after taxi attachment?

Yes, you can view bookings after uploading your information in CabBazar Partner app. But you can accept booking only after your account, car(s) and driver(s) are approved and you have minimum balance in your app wallet.

Is the money added in app wallet refundable?

Up to Rs. 1300 is Registration and Verification charges and is non-refundable. Although it will remain in your wallet so that you can accept bookings.

What are the prices and commission if i attach my taxi with CabBazar?

Price is shown on your CabBazar Partner app for each booking. This is the price you will get directly from customer. So, please check it before accepting a booking. If you cancel the booking after accepting it, you may be charged a penalty which will get deducted from your app wallet.

Can I charge driver charges and night charges separately from customer?

No, Driver charges and Night charges are included in the price.

Whether Toll tax, State tax are included in the price?

It may or may not be included. Please check the booking on app to know whether it is included or excluded for that booking. Where it is exta, it needs to be charged as per actual receipts.

How will i charge for extra kms?

Extra Km price is shown for the booking. You need to enter the extra kms while completing the trip in the CabBazar Partner app. It will show you the amount you need to collect from customer and also send the invoice to customer.